Easy Self Care

When you scroll through your Insta feed, how many times a day do you see someone using the hashtag #selfcare? While it might be one of the best-intentioned trends in the world, there is no denying that self-care is indeed a trend.  And to some of us, incorporating this trend into our lives can be a daunting task. Here are 5 baby steps to take to gently start your self-care journey.

Make 1 Healthy Food Choice a Day

If you have a busy life or are dealing with any personal problems, taking on a new healthy diet can be a steep task. Instead, try making one single healthier choice per day. Get skim or almond milk in your latte, order a salad for lunch instead of a burger. Just that single choice will make you feel better. 


Do 15 Minutes of Exercise

If you’re not the type to work out every day, there is nothing harder than getting yourself to the gym. Instead, take 15 minutes to do small exercises in your home. Try starting your day with some crunches, or 2 rounds of sun salutations. Sticking to things that use bodyweight and no extra equipment will keep the effort low, and the self-care high. 


Meditate for 5 Minutes

To a busy person, taking the time out of the day to just sit still and do nothing can seem silly. Instead, take 5 minutes to meditate in unconventional places. It could be when you’re brushing your teeth, showering, or even on the train to work. Just shut your eyes and be in the moment, listening to what’s around you and letting go of any thought. It can be a nice reset for the day that doesn’t take any extra time. 


Take a Mindful Moment Outside

Speaking of meditation, a great way to add a little self-care during your day is to take a mindful moment outside. This could mean taking in the great outdoors on your way from the car to your house, on your walk to work, or any short time you’re outside. Instead of rushing through, take a small second to enjoy the outdoors.


Get a Great Night Sleep

This might seem obvious coming from us, but good sleep is the easiest form of self-care to get started with. Take a look around to see how Real Bed can help with your sleep needs. 

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