COVID-19 Response

Friends and Neighbors- Crazy times indeed. Together and as individuals, we are all responding to the serious implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The team at Real Bed hopes you are taking the latest medical and governmental guidance seriously and making the health of yourselves, families, and communities priority number one. Pulling together (or staying distant in this case) during this time of uncertainty is the right action and potentially will help to mitigate the impacts we will experience. Remember being rested is an important component to staying healthy & positive. So make sure you are getting enough! 

While specific medical advice regarding the situation is widely available and evolving, we did want to update you regarding how Real Bed is handling our end. Real Bed is still currently producing mattresses under the latest COVID-19 guidance available for our workers and staff. Every Real bed is hermetically triple sealed and boxed via machine. Boxes are shipped via FedEx and our delivery partners directly to your door with safety being the top priority in all circumstances. We are keeping it real, following best practices, and keeping it as safe as possible for everyone involved. It looks like spending a lot of time at home is in the cards for many of us and we are happy to get you the best mattress to do it on while it is possible and reasonable to do so. 

So we carry on while respecting all guidance and safety recommendations. We will stay current with all regional and national changes and adjust our policies accordingly as the situation evolves. We will also update this page with any changes affecting how we proceed.

Stay rested, relax. We will get through this together!

The Real Bed Team


For essential front line workers Real Bed is offering $100 off any mattress purchase. Click here for info.