Relax and Watch

From America's oldest bed manufacturer - Charles P. Rogers- comes the very best, all natural mattress available under $1000. This is no ordinary mattress. This is 165 years of experience and comfort delivered right to your door no matter where you live. Go natural. Get Real Bed.

Shop Sustainably

When you consume responsibly, you ensure durability and value.  And you can be proud you are contributing to a better world. Only shop for items you truly need. Look for items with made the highest amount of recyclable content. Buy items made with natural materials so they degrade quickly and efficiently. 

Affordably green

We all know going with an all natural product can cost a premium. Better ingredients and materials simply cost more.  Real Bed was founded on the idea of making all natural affordable for the widest range of people. We believe all natural should be accessible for everyone. You can go natural now and pay even less.

Reduce pollution 

Traditional petrochemical based foams are a massive problem with mattresses. They do not recycle and end up clogging our landfills. While they may be cheaper initially, they have a shorter lifespan and end up costing everyone substantially more. High quality natural is better for you and everyone else.

Naturally cool natural latex

Sleeping hot is a top complaint for many mattress customers. Waking up sweaty and uncomfortable really affects sleep quality. And this can be an issue no matter what the season. Natural latex and wool are nature's gift to a cool, comfortable sleeping surface.

Skip the chemicals in your mattress

Other than latex, most foams used in mattresses are petroleum based. We all know petroleum is not healthy for humans, animals, or the environment. But there is an answer. Just skip the chemicals.

Real Bed is made just for you

Unlike most "bed in the box" companies, we don't outsource our production or keep a warehouse full of overly packed mattresses with a who knows how long shelf-life. We make your mattress, we pack it, and we ship it in a few day.  Real Bed is the best priced all natural mattress made fresh daily for you.

Go natural. No compromises

A real mattress made with high quality, natural materials for less than competing petroleum based foam mattresses. What's not to love?

Unpacks in a jiffy

While no ordinary bed in a box, Real Bed is super simple to unpack and enjoy.