Essential Service Discount

Essential Service Discount

You're on the front lines. Thanks for being there.

Real Bed is offering $100 discount off any mattress purchase for those making a difference during this unprecedented time. We'd like to recognize the people who make our lives safer, smarter, and more healthy by doing what we can to ensure they get a good nights sleep.  If you are an EMT, nurse, doctor, hospital employee, pharmacist, firefighter, law enforcement officer, educator, grocery clerk, truck driver, or serve another essential role in this time of need, we've got your back.  

No ID, work badge, or other documents are required to take advantage of this special offer. You're making a difference. We believe in you and support your important work. We hope a Real Bed mattress will help you get the sleep you need to keep on keeping on.

Simply complete the form below and we will email you the $100 code.

Code can be activated by clicking link in email. This special offer cannot be combined with other offers or transferred. Offer good on mattress purchases. Topper only orders do not qualify.