How to Sustainably Sleep Warm this Winter

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we’re beginning to migrate our obsession with all things autumn to settling in for the winter holidays. As the nights are turning cold, it’s time to update your bedroom for chilly weather. At Real Bed, we like to save money and energy used in heating our homes in favor of more sustainable methods of staying warm. We’re here with tips on sprucing up your bedroom for snuggling in on crisp nights. 


Use a Wool Blanket + Wool Socks

If your feet are warm, the rest of your body will follow. Wool is a natural, sustainable fabric that is also temperature regulating. It holds in heat without making you too hot. Best of all-wool is durable and recyclable. (Some people pass wool blankets on for generations!) Grab some wool socks and a wool blanket to layer for a toasty night.

Use Flannel Sheets

While flannel is a synthetic fabric, it has a smaller manufacturing carbon footprint than most fabrics. Much like wool, it is a very durable fabric that requires less replacement, making it a sustainable choice. It’s a great addition to your bed linens for some extra warmth. 

Shut the door to save heat

To stay warm and conserve heat, shut the door to your bedroom in the winter, and even consider leaving unused rooms unheated. It will save energy, and boost warmth to your room. Using energy responsibly makes a big difference for the environment-and your heating bill!

Use a Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle is an option that uses virtually no energy. Fill it up and place it in your bed shortly before sleep to pre-warm your linens for extra coziness. 

Let your pet sleep with you

If you usually don’t let your cat or dog share your bed-now is the time! Cuddling up with your furry friend will keep you both warmer. And if you need extra convincing, studies have shown we sleep better with our pets by our side. 

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