Real Bed on NBC's Today!

It’s been a big week here at Real Bed! We are pleased to announce Real Bed was featured on NBC’s Today Show as the “Best Mattress for Couples Under $1000,” rated by the leading consumer review magazine. Real Bed is fantastic for any type of couple, whether your partner is there every night, only occasionally, or happens to be a large pet. Our mattress is superior at isolating motion transfer between partners, so you won’t feel each other move throughout the night. We use all natural and sustainable materials that tend to sleep cooler than mattresses that use synthetic foam or all foam. Real Bed even has an extremely uniform and durable surface comfort all the way to the edge, meaning you’ll sleep comfortably even if your partner hogs their side. 

Head over to the Today Show website for more insight on why we’ve been rated “Best Mattress for Couples Under $1000”

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