real bed topper
real bed topperreal bed topperreal bed topperreal bed topper

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A mattress topper like no other. All natural and impossibly comfortable. Use it on the Real Bed mattress for the perfect luxury combination or any mattress for a revitalizing experience. Made with natural latex, organic cotton, hundreds of tiny nano springs, and eucalyptus based rayon, for unsurpassed, healthy comfort. 2-1/2" thick. Triple-sealed machine packed for safe delivery.

Every layer carefully considered

Layers of a topper showing the content of Real Bed Topper. Illustration. Showing layers from top to bottom: organic cotton cover, one inch natural latex, nano springs, eucalyptus based inherent rayon



38 W x 74 L x 2.5 H

21 lbs

Twin Extra Long

38 W x 79 L x 2.5 H 

25 lbs


54 W x 74 L x 2.5 H 

29-1/2 lbs


60 W x 80 L x 2.5 H 

35 lbs


76 W x 80 L x 2.5 H 

44 lbs

Quick reference

What type of bed do I need?

The topper will work on any style of mattress

Will my sheets fit my mattress?

The topper adds 2-1/2" to mattress height so your existing sheets should be fine

Can I sleep on my new topper on the day I receive it?

Yes. Just place it on your mattress and enjoy

Will my new topper fix my old mattress?

It will make it 100% more comfortable, but will not straighten large dips or valleys

More questions?

What's inside...

Every Real Bed product is made in our New Jersey factory. We’ve been making beds for 164 years. From the innersprings to the covers, we can personally guarantee quality, safety and comfort.

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